Monday, July 16, 2007

Douche Bag Case In Court

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HARTFORD – Avery Doninger, a 16-year-old Lewis Mills High School senior from Burlington, will be filing for temporary and permanent injunctions against the Mills High School principal Karissa Niehoff and Region # 10 Superintendent of Schools Paula Schwartz, on Monday (July 16), in New Britain Superior Court. The lawsuit, brought by Hartford Attorney Jon Schoenhorn, accuses Niehoff and Schwartz of violating Avery’s constitutional and civil rights. A date for the hearing, possilby in August, will be scheduled by a judge.

In May, Niehoff removed Avery as Class of 2008 secretary and banned her from running for re-election after she posted a blog at an on-line website (while at home) criticizing the school administration, urging parents to contact the administration, and referring to unnamed administrators as “douchbags.” She was barred from giving a speech to the class, and printed t-shirts supporting her and first amendment rights were censored.

Connecticut school officials have no legal authority under the first amendment to punish students for private on-line publishings that do not utilize school resources and do not occur on school grounds.

Avery Doninger and her mother, Lauren Doninger, a college instructor, will be available at their lawyer’s offices at 3:30 p.m. Monday (July 16) to answer questions. Copies of the complaint for injunctive relief and supporting memorandum will be available at that time. For further information contact Attorney Schoenhorn’s office at (860) 278-3500.

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Questions Include:

What happened to the write-in votes?
Were they destroyed or preserved?

  • Police State Tactics

  • Principal DB Ducks

  • Write-In Vote Buried

  • Who Took The Call?

  • Failure To Educate

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