Saturday, July 21, 2007

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Enfield Fed's

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It's just a thought but has anyones considered that maybe Enfield Federal purposely leaked the information out on Matt Coopler so that they would then be able to re-coop their money??? If they were told to just "let it go" by the political powers in Enfield this would have been a way to get it out in the open and get their payments up to date. They might have felt this was the only way for them to get their money for his house in Enfield. Does anyone know if he was or how far behind he was on his payments in Enfield? I have read so much about this issue but never really thought about the banks position until yesterday. Maybe they were caught between a rock and a hard place so they sacrificed their reputation to get the mortgage payment up to date?

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  • "Goodfellas," Enfield Style


    Anonymous said...

    I read in your blog that Chairman DiPace was considering running for Town Council. I also read in your blog that complaints had been filed against Mr. DiPace for "threating" people. If complaints are filed with a police department, isn't that a matter of public record? If so, the Cool Justice Crew should do a little reseach. I certainly don't want a Councilman running my Town that rules by threats and intimidation!

    And is that happening now in our P & Z Commission?

    This shouldn't be called "Goodfellas", it should be called the "Godfather"!

    Anonymous said...

    Why would a bank with 100 years history sell its reputation down the river to recoup money on one house? It doesn't make sense. Don't they buy insurance for this stuff? That just doesn't make sense.

    Wouldn't it be an ethics violation for politicos to say let it be?

    Anonymous said...

    >> the banks position until yesterday. Maybe they were caught between a rock and a hard place so they sacrificed their reputation to get the mortgage payment up to date?

    There are legal recourses for a bank to take when someone is behind in their payments. Its certainly not ethical for a bank to just blab about anyone's finances. If this bank would stoop to such levels, I don't want anything to do with them. Its unprofessional and unethical. No excuse for it.

    Anonymous said...

    > A foreclosure action against the manager, Matthew Coppler, was filed in Genesee County Supreme Court on June 12, 2007.

    How embarrassing for Enfielders that this guy is "managing" Town of Enfield's daily operations now? Obviously he can't handle his personal business, so I don't care how accessible or nice he may be. Plus, isn't he commanding a sizable salary from Enfield? So why can't he pay his NY mortgage? If need be, get a 2nd part-time job.

    Makes me very uncomfortable that someone who would lose their home, is now in charge of Enfield's operations. What kind of example does that set?

    Just when ya think the Enfield "saga" can't get more absurd, ya see something like this. Unreal.

    Anonymous said...

    > > "Shanley is a fountain of information,

    Oh, I bet he is after 10 years in Enfield. Probably why Mayor Pat was so set to run him out of Enfield (wasn't Shanley paid by Enfield for like another 6 months, and by then he already had the Manchester's Town Manager job. Who looks smarter, him or Mayor T??)

    No wonder another town scoop him up so quickly. Now Enfield has a town manager who's friendly, but defaulting on his mortgage and being foreclosed on? Who would you prefer to be running your town?