Friday, August 10, 2007

Bristol Press: Democracy Lives

Through Lewis Mills Students

Democracy in action
The Bristol Press

Student wins election as write-in,
but her freedom of speech is still the bigger issue

BURLINGTON - The upcoming seniors of Lewis Mills High School have demonstrated that democracy is still alive within their student government.

A recent release of the ballots for the school's 2008 student council election, which was held on May 25, revealed that 53 of Avery Doninger's classmates hand-wrote and circled her name on the ballots as 2008 class secretary.

Of the 128 total ballot votes, Avery received the ... [highest number] despite the fact that her name did not appear on the original ballot.

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    Murzman said...

    Common case of , "Do as I say, not as I do." How do we expect the future leaders of our country to conduct fair and balanced practices when those who teach and mentor them don't even have a clue. Is this a failure of the education system in part? Or a system tainted by the infamous "No Child Left Behind Act"? The taxpayers of this town should home school their children until there is some resolve to this issue. I would hope that the staff of this school is under the microscope.