Friday, August 10, 2007

Wanted: A Fair Playing Field

For All,
Not Just A Select Few

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Doubt Raised On Stones":

I agree with the concept that
"it's wrong to attack people without rock solid evidence that they are, indeed, corrupt". I do not agree that Enfield is a well-run Town. It is anything but a well run Town.

The previous blogger is either a politician or "other person of interest" being written about in the various blogs.

And I believe that it is out of frustration that the kinds of accusations are appearing on this blog. The shenanigans going on in Enfield are real. It is bad for the Town and the majority of its citizens on the one hand and has benefited a "select" few in Town on the other hand. This is wrong.

Just take the Enfield Fed land deal along. A previous developer was denied from building on this land. Wetlands issues, etc. The Troiano's come along and now we have not only a bank building but a 30,000sf office building. I'm sure this is a money making deal for the Troiano's, which it should be. That's what capitalism is about. And the location is prime. Tearing the buildings down is just part of the cost of construction. No one did it with the motive of improving the appearance of the intersection (although it has). It was done for profit. For the Troiano's to make money off their lease. That's fine. For the Bank to make money by having a location with much better visability and more space.

My problem is 1)why was another developer denied and the Troiano's approved to build not one but two building on that parcel and 2)why should the Bank that is making money be given a tax break when they benefited by the move to the new location.

So when these kinds of things happen, they do not happen just coincidently. Things are going on behind the scenes. And they keep on going on for the same players and are being orchestrated by the same players.

The people of the Town of Enfield are not stupid. They are frustrated and want to have a fair playing field for all, not just a "select" few.

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    Anonymous said...

    I have been very involved right from the start of the Tallarita, Fredrick, Troiano deals. I have heard sound, reliable information from their cronies, political pals, their friends and neighbors. It doesn't amaze me by the manipulations they have afforded themselves. Most are concerned if they come forward because of their personal aspirations in town from political to their children involved in sports/activities will be impacted or blackballed. A community like Enfield has a lot to offer, unfortunately, our council has dropped the education ball, disabling programs, especially, "Technology", alternative ed. etc., our kids are totally at a disadvantage. Salaries are a major $$$$$ issue. Where are early retirement incentives? In the business world it's a reality for checks and balances.

    As far as certain council members, the only way is to clean house starting top and going to the bottom in all political and commissions. Taxpayers need to become active: Attend meetings, VOTE and Question!

    Anonymous said...

    Enfield is teetering on becoming a
    well "run down" town. So many local politicians and their cronie
    friends are making a mockery of
    what was once an "All American" town. They're all for "themselves" - they're NOT for the residents of Enfield.

    An old barn was dismantled piece- by-piece on the new Senior Center property, but the small old house located on the RT 5/Elm St corner was simply demolished so that Troiano could build. Why was that?
    Others had previously been told they couldn't develop the parcel.
    But Troiano can?

    Whatever happened with the Bernie
    appliances "deal" - was there really a "deal" for Enfield town employees (though the mayor is not a paid town employee)? Did the mayor ever produce his sales slip? What happened as a result of the mayor's embarassing behavior in the Enfield Shaw's on Memorial Day weekend? Even he admitted that he likely had given that gentleman the "finger" in front of children. Talk about a professional. Sorry, but he ain't.

    Look at the Democratic slate for
    Nov. How many are merely close friends of the mayor? How many w/o any experience, are running because their mother or father currently hold, or held an office? Who's been arrested? A 1/2 mile stretch of Weymouth Rd has been torn up for over a month
    (what's taking so long to repair that lil'stretch of road?). And let's not forgot the huge increase in property taxes that occurred under their watchful eyes.

    C'mon. The last couple of years have been pitiful. Enfield could do so much better. And hopefully this Nov, voters will remember what's been happened over the past 2 terms, and will restore some dignity to Enfield by voting in the Republicans.

    PS - believe its David and Diane "Fredrick", not "Frederick" that the mayor and his wife are doing construction business with.

    Anonymous said...

    >> Attend meetings,

    But we do attend meetings (and email and write letters and make phone calls) . As I recall the initial public meeting the Council held re: the property reevaluation was conveniently schedule AFTER the deadline for Enfield homeowners to appeal. How convenient for the town fathers', huh? Talk about timing.

    Those who attended the budget meeting saw 1st hand how the Council members hold themselves "above" everyone else, and give nothin' but lip service.

    The only way to get their attention is to vote out this bunch in the next election. They're clearly not interested in what the general public has to say. They believe they know what's best for Enfield, and that's clearly not true. They do what's best for them personally.

    That's not what public office is all about. That's what private business is all about.

    Anonymous said...

    >> They are frustrated and want to have a fair playing field for all, not just a "select" few.

    Don't know about "fair" playing field, but if folks would like
    a lighted playing field, with the electric tab picked up by their
    tax dollars, then visit the little league field behind Asnuntuck.

    Ooops, forgot ... one has to belong to Thompsonville Little League (there's a fee to join) to use that ballfield. That's the ballfield used by youth organization run by the mayor's buddy. This guy is running now for BOE.

    Talk about one of the "selected"?

    Anonymous said...

    >> A 1/2 mile stretch of Weymouth Rd has been torn up for over a month (what's taking so long to repair that lil'stretch of road?). And let's not forgot the huge increase in property taxes that occurred under their watchful eyes.

    Don't forget the Council's proposed $ 1 million, 1 mile bike path to the town dump! No one needs that.

    Or the Oct 2005 flood damage that still exists. Or how the mayor wanted to re-name an existing school after his mentor, or charge town residents for having a tag sale on their private property.

    Talk about putting the screws to the lil'guy. Unreal! Vote the Democrats and their buddies, out!

    Anonymous said...

    >> They believe they know what's best for Enfield, and that's clearly not true

    Yes, believe it was Councilmen Peruta who made a comment that since they were voted in, they know what's best for residents.
    What?? You do??

    The process is that a candidate is voted in to what the voters want them to do. They need to put their personal agenda aside once voted in.

    Frankly, don't believe a single one of them on Council or BOE
    runs their home as efficiently as I run mine. So why would I trust them making decisions with my tax dollars townwise?

    Mayor Strom was the perfect example of a unselfish, tireless dedicated politican. Cuz although she had won an lottery, and was a millionaire, she never lost focus on Enfield, and its residents' needs. She didn't put herself first, she put the town first.

    That's something this current bunch of lunkheads hasn't figured out how to do. Its all about "them". What's in it for "them". The "me" first generation!

    Anonymous said...

    *Voters please take advantage of opportunities like this one. It is our best chance for a change. Go, ask questions and express in person just what you expect after the election.
    GOP Barbecue Planned
    August 14, 2007
    ENFIELD - - The Republican town committee is hosting a barbecue from 1 to 3 p.m. Sunday to introduce to the public the GOP slate of candidates for the fall election.

    The free event is being held rain or shine at the Knights of Columbus hall on Washington Road. It will feature grilled hot dogs, chips and soda, and Jim the Balloonman.

    Candidates for the town council, board of education and constable will be on hand to meet with residents and discuss issues of concern to voters. The event is open to the general public regardless of political affiliation.

    Candidates are: town council: Joe Bosco, Bob Godin, Scott Kaupin, Clem Dumont, Bill Lee, Bill Ragno, Ken Nelson and Jason Jones; board of education: Sue Lavelli Hozempa, Chuck Johnson, Andre Greco, Patrick Droney and Greg Stokes; and constable: Brian Kozlowski, Ron Gregory, Jake Keller and Charlie Woods.
    With things the way they are, it could be a free meal at the very least.

    Anonymous said...

    >> With things the way they are, it could be a free meal at the very least.

    Let's hope for Enfield sake, that
    this is about more than a free meal
    (again, cuz there's nothing "free" in life).

    These Enfield Republicans need to get the word out to voters about what they'll do to restore Enfield's stature in northern CT.
    Trim away at the waste, and act like professionals.

    No need to badmouth the Democrats cuz their actions speak volumes about the shoddy business done under their control.

    Enfield's taxes went out of sight under the "Spend-o-crats" years. Time to rein in expenses, and use some good ol'common sense with taxpayers monies.

    "Dump the Democrats" currently in office, and help restore public confidence by voting in the Republicans slate.

    And then folks, keep a close eye on them too. 'Member the blog "sees" all. No politician is
    safe from scrutiny.

    Not Blind said...

    >No need to badmouth the Democrats cuz their actions speak volumes about the shoddy business done under their control.

    Again with the Democrats ruined Enfield? Look at recent votes and see why the big bad democrats get away with what they get away with. The mayor and his small band of cronies are good at getting our Republicans to agree to vote with them. Then everyone complains that the Democrats are having their way with Enfield. Don't be fooled by a 7-4 vote because some of the 7 yes votes are our own.

    Anonymous said...

    *About the tax abatement. I'm a bit confused, new at this and just learning. Looking for answers, hoping someone can clear these questions up for me. Who benefits from the tax break? Who is eligable for such a break? Is it the land owner or the business? I thought that Enfield Fed. just rents the building. Without the tax break, what kind of taxes would the bank be liable for? Are tax abatements for property tax relief or for a tax that businesses pay for doing business in town? idk thanks for the help.

    Anonymous said...

    Tax abatements are a part of every community and are used as a tool to encourage business to come to or expand in your town. For the town it is an investment in which they give up some upfront revenue for a long term returns in jobs and growth. There are fewer than 10 active tax abatements in Enfield according to the Economic Director.

    As I understand this issue, the bank is a new application for Enfield. The bank does not own the building but does pay the taxes. A friend told me that this was a point of discussion and eventually an agreement was reached. I don't know how much money is involved. The town CFO would have that answer.

    Anonymous said...

    >> No politician is safe from scrutiny.

    That's right. Makes no difference what party is in control in Enfield, every single person elected, or hired, needs to be watched. Period.

    Things have gotten so out of control in Enfield because too many people "trusted" that Council and BOE would act accordingly. Until trust is restored, no elected official should be completely believed.

    Anonymous said...

    >> Don't be fooled by a 7-4 vote because some of the 7 yes votes are our own.

    Who's "own"?

    Am curious how many times a Democrat has voted against his party over last couple of terms?

    The Enfield Dems have held the majority. So makes little difference how many Rep vote against something when everyone knows that 99% of the time, all of them vote along their party lines.

    Clearly no one learned to "play nice" on this council or BOE. Because of their selfish attitude, Enfield is hurtin'.

    Frustrated in the GOP said...

    You haven't been paying attention, have you. The mayor isn't running again because he doesn't have the support of his own party council people to be mayor again. There must be some smart democrates who didn't cave in when his honor put the pressure on.

    It does matter who voted for what. Our Republicans caved under the pressure of the mayor or they believed his bullshit. TEither way it was bad for Enfield. They were too scared to stand up and be counted. Nelson stood tall and had some tall friends, democrats and republicans, to stand with him. Voting this year along party lines would be ill advised because we have some in our own party who don't know how to be strong. How can they lead us when they themselves got led around my the nose. MLS must be turning in her grave, God rest her soul.