Thursday, August 16, 2007

Enfield Republican Advises:

Vote For Those
Who Stand Tall
Regardless Of
Party Affiliation

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You haven't been paying attention, have you. The mayor isn't running again because he doesn't have the support of his own party council people to be mayor again. There must be some smart democrats who didn't cave in when his honor put the pressure on.

It does matter who voted for what. Our Republicans caved under the pressure of the mayor or they believed his bullshit. Either way it was bad for Enfield. They were too scared to stand up and be counted. Nelson stood tall and had some tall friends, democrats and republicans, to stand with him. Voting this year along party lines would be ill advised because we have some in our own party who don't know how to be strong. How can they lead us when they themselves got led around my the nose. MLS must be turning in her grave, God rest her soul.

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    Anonymous said...

    Ditto, Enfield residents need more "Ken Nelsons" on the town council and the BOE. Too bad he couldn't clone himself!

    Perhaps he should be Enfield's next mayor since he's not afraid to take a stand when it comes to doing the right thing. He's not a follower like some current members.

    Anonymous said...

    >> The mayor isn't running again because he doesn't have the support of his own party council people to be mayor again.

    Whether the mayor runs or not is really meaningless because he's still got plenty of supporters on the current council (like Hilinski, Mangini and Crowley), and he's got plenty of buddies running for other offices (like Mangini's daughter, Arnone and DiPace).

    So do you really think much will change if these new Democrats take office and control??? It will be the same politics but with different names and faces.

    That's why Enfield politics need a clean sweep. Out with anyone remotely connected to the previous Democratic administration.

    Anonymous said...

    Speaking of, isn't Nelson also a member of the sub-committee overseeing the high school athletic field renovations (along with the mayor's son)?

    This project is over budget, and years past due, and now its
    reported by the Courant and JI that some of the new soil purchased to "cap" the property is
    also tainted. Didn't anyone think to test it before it was purchased?

    Who's running this show, the 3 Stooges? This is ridiculous.

    My guess is that there would have been a better turnout had the Town let people know ahead of time about the meeting last night. By the time I got home from work, and read the paper, the meeting was over.

    More soil at Fermi found to be contaminated
    By:Anne Pallivathuckal , Journal Inquirer

    ENFIELD - Recent testing has detected the presence of chemicals that registered at an unacceptable level in a small portion of the Fermi High School athletic fields where contaminated soil had already been replaced, according to Town Manager Matthew W. Coppler.

    The chemicals were found in new soil that was used to replace the contaminated soil, according to Coppler.

    He said today that the chemicals found in the soil in that area of the fields were "a variety of organic and non-organic compounds," and one may have been dieldrin, a banned pesticide originally found in the soil on the athletic fields in March 2006, which prompted the closing of the fields.

    Coppler said that the names of all the chemicals recently found in the soil will be made available to the public at special Town Council scheduled at the Fermi athletic fields.

    The meeting is being held to conduct a walk-through to review the progress in the ongoing $2.36 million remediation project.

    The meeting starts at 6 p.m. at the high school, located at 124 North Maple St. School board members have also been invited to attend. They will be meeting at the North Maple Street entrance in the front of the building.

    The Fermi athletic fields and grounds were closed in March 2006 after preliminary soil testing done as part of renovation work revealed pesticide contamination.

    A $2.36 million project to cap the Fermi grounds and fields with a fresh layer of soil is in progress. New Haven-based C.J. Fucci Inc. is the contractor for the remediation project.

    According to interim Public Works Director Philip Pike, the newly found contaminated areas of the athletic fields are not near the school building, but on the baseball fields.
    Pike said the areas were relatively small and the level of chemical present was just slightly higher than the residential limit.

    Pike said that the issue was in the process of being addressed and that it should be completed by the end of this week.

    "Things are going very well," Pike said. "This won't delay the project."

    The first phase of the remediation was completed in June. The second stage began July 2 and is to be substantially completed by Aug. 25.
    Following the meeting at Fermi tonight, Town Council members will meet in executive session at the Public Works Conference Room.

    Anonymous said...

    > Our Republicans caved under the pressure of the mayor or they believed his bullshit

    Or perhaps the 4 of them just got tired of being overruled. They didn't hold the majority and I would think that could get real old after awhile.

    I'd rather have the 4 of the Reps back, plus a few more, than see any of the Democrats win a seat.
    Had enough of the Enfield Dem politics to last me a lifetime.

    Anonymous said...

    I am sick and tired of the Fermi grounds issues, scam the town and tax payers! How many homes and condos have been built in that same area? Has anyone looked into this? Are they on contaminated soil or does not one soul care? Keep digging Cool Justice, possibly one more item to look into! Who else is on contaminated soil ? Yale Court was once farm land. "PESTICIDES" did anyone check that soil? Mayor involved I doubt it.

    Anonymous said...

    > Keep digging Cool Justice, possibly one more item to look into! Who else is on contaminated soil ?

    Per 8/17 JI,
    "Brand said that Bloomfield-based American Materials Corp. supplied the topsoil, which was taken from Rentschler Field in East Hartford during construction."

    Anyone with a brain in their head would suspect that topsoil taken from Rentschler Field is likely to be tainted, and shouldn't have been used in this project.

    What a bunch of knuckleheads in Enfield! Wanna bet that all the green plastic fencing, used to fence off the contaminated athletic fields (and purchased @ a primo price), was probably re-used @ Enfield's 4th of July celebration to fence off food court area??