Thursday, August 16, 2007

Orient Lodge Following Doninger Case Closely

Aldon Hynes Notes
School System's Rejection
Of Family's Attempts
To Reach Compromise
Before Suit Was Filed

Back here in Connecticut, Andy Thibault continues his excellent coverage of the Avery Doninger Case. His latest post is about the amount of money that the school district is paying their lawyer to thwart openness.

The Journal Inquirer adds more to the discussion. This paragraph from their article jumped out at me:

When attempts at compromise failed, Doninger, a community college instructor who has been researching the First Amendment in a doctoral program in educational leadership, said she and Avery decided to bring the matter to court.

From the little bit that I’ve read, Avery is pretty lucky to have such a cool mother and the community college where she is an instructor is pretty lucky to have her as well. If I were at Gateway Community College, I’d probably sign up for one of her classes based on how she has handled herself in this course. I wish her luck on her doctoral thesis and I hope that she gets some useful material for her dissertation.

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