Thursday, August 16, 2007

War Spending Impact At Home

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CCAG Reveals Iraq War’s Cost to Connecticut

by CGG · August 16th, 2007, 7:40 am · 3 Comments According to a report released by the Connecticut Citizen Action Group CT taxpayers have spent $11.1 billion of the $456 billion in total funding for the Iraq war.

From the press release:

The report, titled “Getting U.S. Back on Track” and authored by the USAction Education Fund, illustrates, how CT’s cost of war could have provided health insurance for more children, funded Head Start and provided more college scholarships here in CT.

The report also finds that the modest new investments in neglected priorities such as health care and education to be debated this fall between Congress and President Bush would amount to a fraction of what is spent every month on the war.

“This data highlights how the Bush administration’s upside-down priorities have shortchanged CT families and communities,” said CCAG Director, Tom Swan. “For a fraction of what CT taxpayers have spent in Iraq, we could be addressing neglected priorities like providing more health care and college scholarships for families in CT.”

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