Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Shout Out To Enfield Insiders: Who's Who?

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>The list of insiders is shrinking and if you ask, someone might tell you who they are and who they aren't. Take a guess and share with the rest of us.

If anyone's got "a list" of Enfield insiders, please feel free to share this info here, so that Enfield voters can see ahead of time who NOT to vote for in Nov.

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    Anonymous said...

    Don't know if he's considered an "insider" or not, but I'm not voting for Enfield's Democratic BOE candidate who's got the restraining order against him.

    Granted this maybe a family matter, but I don't see how any good can come from this situation. How can one be totally focused on BOE issues, when court is callin'.

    Think the Democrats have truly blundered by endorsing this guy. While he may be a great guy, he doesn't fit my definition of a BOE member. If he's the best they have to offer, vote for all the Republican candidates.

    Anonymous said...

    Their other two new candidates are definitely insiders. One is Cindy Mangini's daughter. (It's all in the family, right?)

    The other is the Little League guy who's been trying to strong arm the council for the Little League lights. Echoes of Bill Clinton and midnight basketball anyone?

    And how, exactly, are they qualified to manage a $70 million budget? Is this going to be round two of the amateur hour with Scott Vining? What kind of education does it take to figure out that electing a school board chairman who never finished high school probably isn't the best way to the hearts and minds of voters?

    Conclusion: They're all a bunch of douchebags, hired to represent the likes of Enfield Federal on the council, not the people.