Friday, November 16, 2007

Cocoa Puffs Legacy Memorialized In Enfield Recount As Republicans Assert Control

Enfield Recount Confirms Election Results
Election-Night Ending Affirmed

Courant Staff Writer
November 16, 2007


— Two days of recounting confirmed Thursday that Republicans grabbed control of the town council and the board of education on Nov. 6.

"We're back in the building," Mary Ann Turner, Republican town chairwoman, said. "The numbers are exactly the same."

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    Anonymous said...

    OK, now that its official, and the Enfield Republican's are "back in the house", its time for some early Spring cleaning.

    First, Enfield homeowners should be advised by Council to check the site and file a appeal on their revaluation. Frankly its hard to imagine that anyone's Enfield home has increased since that '06 revaluation was "done". Its more likely that no one's house was ever worth what the revaluation claimed they were worth. Problem of course, was the Town meeting didn't take place until AFTER the appeal process was over for 2007.

    Secondly, don't pay to use the athletic fields behind Asnuntuck Community College. Its foolish enough to have allowed the State to purchase that parcel for $2 million. Its ridulous for the Town of Enfield to then turn around and pay the State to use the Asnuntuck fields for a handful of little leaguers and soccer leagues to use.

    Enfield has plenty of town supported fields that can be used in place of these. There's no need to waste Town $$$ on such a lease.

    3rd, "remember" how you got back?
    Should anyone pull (or try to pull) any of the stuff the Democrats did the last couple of terms, its likely you'll be booted out at the next election.

    Keep communications open with taxpayers, & don't belittle people who speak out @ Council and BOE meetings (not everyone has to agree with the party in office).
    Listen and don't believe for a minute that you know more than the
    residents do, or know what's best for them. Make better use of Town funds.

    Good luck!

    Anonymous said...

    All I have to say about the new voting process is that I think its far from foolproof. I voted at one of the many Enfield school sites, and lo and behold as I was
    walking to the scanner, there was
    a 2nd ballot in my yellow folder.

    I handed the folder to a polling attendant and brought to her attention that a 2nd blank ballot
    was in the yellow folder. Ya should have seen the look on her face.

    Wonder how many others found more than 1 ballot in their folder, and what they did with the extra? I could have easily completed two, and scanned both (since no one else was @ the scanner when I was). But I didn't.

    At least with the old voting machines, you couldn't pull the levers twice!

    All these ballots recounts cost the towns and the State.

    Anonymous said...

    I'll tell ya what it will take before I applaud any of the new Council "electees". When someone finally comes to their sense and puts a halt to Enfield's proposed $1 million dollar 1 mile bike path on Town Farm Rd. The other day I noticed that someone has "named" the road to the Town Dump. That's a waste of a sign and pole.

    Anonymous said...

    Now let's clean up some of Enfield's committees and their chairs! Did anyone notice DiPace and his sidekick continue to approve the Fredrick/Tallarita home building on wetlands, conservation Is Dave Fredrick so pleased with his efforts and completed home projects that he hides behind his wife and Jeanette Tallarita to get approvals? Then he slides in and gets easements etc. as hardships. I would like this council to check out a few of these past endeavors and see what has been left undone and cut down which is quite obvious to those who live near and on paper in the town records, but not noticed by our planning and zoning officers and employees who are paid by the town to see that this doesn't happen. You can bet that Mr. Fredrick will reappear at a meeting with adjusted plans to slide through with DiPace's help. You can also be assured, Mrs. Fredrick and Mrs. Tallarita won't be anywhere in sight! Why? They don't know a thing about development of property and respect of wetlands.

    Anonymous said...

    So why exactky has "the pavement" leading into Enfield's Town dump been "named"? Its been unnamed for years, and people have been able to find the dump. Who's bright idea was that one?

    Isn't that "Future Home of
    Frank Mancuso Recreation Area" sign enough to let people know its the Enfield Town Dump?

    Anonymous said...

    >> So why exactky has "the pavement" leading into Enfield's Town dump been "named"?

    Thanks for the heads-up re: this new Enfield road. Funny how for many, many years the Enfield Town Dump was on Town Farm Rd. But now its on Ecology Rd? How did the Town create a new road, or better yet, why did Enfield create a new road for the Town Dump?

    My guess would be that if someone was told the Enfield Town Dump was on Ecology Rd, they'd have no idea
    "where" Ecology Rd in Enfield is.

    Just another bureaucratic waste of time in good ol'Enfield.