Friday, November 16, 2007

Reader: Clean Up Enfield Committees & Chairs

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Now let's clean up some of Enfield's committees and their chairs! Did anyone notice DiPace and his sidekick continue to approve the Fredrick/Tallarita home building on wetlands, conservation Is Dave Fredrick so pleased with his efforts and completed home projects that he hides behind his wife and Jeanette Tallarita to get approvals? Then he slides in and gets easements etc. as hardships. I would like this council to check out a few of these past endeavors and see what has been left undone and cut down which is quite obvious to those who live near and on paper in the town records, but not noticed by our planning and zoning officers and employees who are paid by the town to see that this doesn't happen. You can bet that Mr. Fredrick will reappear at a meeting with adjusted plans to slide through with DiPace's help. You can also be assured, Mrs. Fredrick and Mrs. Tallarita won't be anywhere in sight! Why? They don't know a thing about development of property and respect of wetlands.

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    Anonymous said...

    Don't think anyone was too surprised that DiPace voted in favor of Fredicks's latest proposal. One could bet money on
    how DiPace would vote.

    I'm just waiting for Pat Crowley to resign his Council seat, and pass along to DiPace. Enfield Democrats still haven't learned their lesson after the elections. People are sick and tired of their "backroom, good ol'boy politics".