Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lary Bloom Douche Bag Column pdf link CT Mag DEC 07

My good friend Lary Bloom certainly has a reasonable perspective.

I wish he had given more weight to the following testimony.* But, of course, it's his column [link below] and that's the way he sees it.

There are nice mentions of Franz Douskey, Amy Ma, Rand Cooper and Ron Winter, who were among the Poets & Writers For Avery appearing Oct. 14 at the Litchfield Inn.

* "I saw her coming down the hall and I greeted her ... I started to say, oh, Miss Niehoff, I wanted to talk with you and she said, I need to talk with you right now. She was kind of -- she was doing kind of what my mom does when she's angry, kind of angry walk, long strides and bent forward and looked pretty upset and she kind of takes my arm and pulls it in the direction of her office and says let's go ...

"She sat me down and she says, I don't know what's going on here ... I just talked to Mrs. Schwartz and she told me I had to deal with it and as of now, Jamfest is canceled."

-- Avery Doninger, U.S. District Court, New Haven, Ct., Aug. 23, 2007

Finally, it is incontrovertible that the Douche Bag administrators and lawyers lied about the write-in ballots. See Websters, Re; intent to deceive, give a false impression, etc.


Bloom column

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