Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ohio Blog Notes Election Theft In Douche Bag Case

Writes Like She Talks

H.S. student’s class secretary candidacy tossed due to blog, her mom sues

First, a big hattip to Lary Bloom, who writes Connecticut magazine’s Lary Bloom’s Notebook (not online). You can read more about Lary here, but the best parts: he is from Cleveland, a big Indians fan and was at the Akron Beacon Journal for many years.

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    Jill said...

    Hi Andy - thanks for the link. Is it really referred to as "the douchebag case"!? Oy. I guess it could be accurate though, yes?

    I grew up in CT and was visiting there over the holidays but I'm surprised I didn't catch it earlier. I need to adjust my Google Alerts or" something to be sure to catch those x v. blogger" cases.

    Thanks again.