Saturday, December 15, 2007

Enfield Reader Asks, "Where Is My New Town Council?"

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Was anyone really surprised that Bromson didn't find any wrong doing? The only thing that could've been funnier was if the investigation was done by Cocoa's mother. This town is ridiculous. Where is my new town council? I voted for you, now please clean this up.

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    Anonymous said...

    Enfield is truly the land of "Hear No Evil" and "See No Evil". If a crime bit'em on the butt, they'd likely
    find a way to pass it off as a mosquito bite.

    So keep digging away and the truth (and the whole story) will appear. The townsfolk deserve to know the truth about everything.

    Every day that OJ walks free on this earth is just one more reminder that there are serious flaws in this country's justice system.

    Anonymous said...

    Our justice system is plauged...yes, silly little "rights" and "standards" that people insist on protecting. Things like "evidence" and the concept that people are "innocent until proven guilty" - these are some of those horrible, awful plagues.

    OJ Simpson is free because there was a LACK OF EVIDENCE against him. Because of that, his GUILT could not be PROVEN. Bada-bing, bada-boom, he's acquitted of all charges.

    Now our former Mayor and the Police Chief who were suspected of, among other things, intimidating witnesses and evidence tampering...These two blokes didn't even get a trial. The claims against them were tossed out like old bath water. Why? Oh it's that pesky little evidence thing again! Darn it all.

    Now, this country, which prides itself on having one of the largest prison populations in the whole entire world...well, maybe we should just write new laws. Burn the Bill of Rights. Topple the justice system. Instead, whenever some vindictive, vengeful person decides to point the finger at an enemy without so much a shred of evidence, let's just always assume that this person must be telling the truth. No need to worry about trials and fairness, let's just say they're guilty and move right on to punishing them.

    Isn't that what all the sad, poor victims in this town wanted? They didn't care whether Tallarita was actually guilty or innocent, they just wanted him to burn. And now their panties are in a twist because they get what they wanted for Christmas. Boo-freaking-hoo. Get over it!

    One of those people who believes "evidence" is actually kind of an important thing.