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Hartford Advocate News Brief On Douche Bag Case

News Briefs
By Advocate Staff
1-10-09 edition

Doninger Case to Go Forward

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The other shoe has yet to drop in the Doninger "douchebag" case. In September, the Advocate told the story of Avery Doninger, a Lewis Mills High School student punished by the school for sitting at home and writing a blog entry that referred to unnamed administrators as "douch [sic] bags." In the initial court case, Judge Mark Kravitz ruled with the school, reasoning that writing a blog post accessible to fellow students is really no different from posting such messages in the school itself.

Doninger plans to appeal, though her mother Lauren told the Advocate that a court date has not yet been set. Meanwhile, on Jan. 4, School Superintendent Paula Schwartz attended a Freedom of Information hearing requested by local gadfly Andy Thibault, author of the Cool Justice blog. Thibault's complaint centered mainly on the school district's refusal to turn over documents showing how much money it is spending on anti-Doninger legal fees, as well as the district's alleged refusal to turn over other documentation in a timely manner.

— Jennifer Abel

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