Monday, February 18, 2008

Liar Liar Lawyer Lawyer Column Generates Feedback

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  • Clarence Darrow said...

    Sounds nice. But I think anyone honestly looking at this issue, including lawyers, especially trial lawyers, KNOW that perjury is a tradition in the practice that is not just permitted by lawyers but by many judges as well. I know from personal experience that in just about every deposition or trial I was involved in lies were spewed by witnesses with impunity. And in some instances when there was no doubt the witness lied, the court did NOTHING.

    Write all the rules you want. Until lies are punished, they will be a fixture in our system.

    But a nice treatise.


    Anonymous said...

    Most of the lies come from the Prosecutors office working with a delusional police report.

    A prosecutor going beyond the bounds of fairness and decency to builsd a case around lies..

    Another issue is a politically connected Lawyer having to explain away a win ,that the win can cost the City money in a very justifiable lawsuit.

    When the Lawyers overlord has to explain to his OTHER clients as to "what happened"?, "you were supposed to throw in the towel"

    People don't realise these Law firms represent your adversary and accuser


    William Doriss said...

    I agree with Anonymous above. The biggest liars are the state's attorneys who frequesntly suborn the perjured testimonies of compromised civilians and corrupt police officers in misguided efforts to enhance their win/loss records. There are no repercussions for those liars at the state level, and the Court (judge), as often as not, co-conspires with the State in allowing perjured testimonies in criminal trial proceedings.

    These situations have now reached crisis mode in Corrupticut, the Unconstitution State, a state in denial. This little dissertation by Atty. Meehan is just so much legal poppycock. And it goes to show all of us how narcissistic, navel-gazing and self-serving these moronic members of the bar have become.

    For those gluttons for punishment out there, check out Ct. v. Doriss, #495971, illegally and unlawfully conjoined by the Dishonorable Bernadette (My-Way-Or-The-highway) Conway at GA 23 with # 502506. Also, Appellate #23941. Also, Federal #05 668 RNC. And finally, Federal Appellate, #06 4907, where I will be charging the City and State with multiple false arrests, malicious prosecution and misuse of legal process, amongst two dozen other gross violations of Constitutional and civil rights.

    My cases are important because they demonstrate how the State is able to charge anyone with any crime, anywhere, any time--without consideration for the "facts" and without true oversight or accountability. There exists no failsafe remedy for someone falsely accused of a crime in Corrupticut, the Unconstitution state.

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