Thursday, March 27, 2008

Super-Duper Vac Recommended

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Enfield Paving Job Jogs Reader's Memory ...":

There are two different standards. One, for those in the "inner circle" and another for Enfield's "regular Joe-Smoes". A clean sweep isn't enough. Need a
super-duper Dyson vac to rid the town of this mess.

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  • Enfield Paving Job Jogs Reader's Memory ...

    Anonymous said...

    >> Need a
    super-duper Dyson vac to rid the town of this mess.

    isn't the Dyson the vacuum w/o a
    bag, that can clean up anything?
    a bag-less vacuum to pick up dirt bags. that has a ring to it.

    Anonymous said...

    Some needs to use a wet vac on some of the Enfield BOE members because they're all wet in their recent decision to uphold their
    earlier vote to send both high school graduations to the Bloomfield cathedral.

    Whatever happened to the separation of church and state?
    That's Bloomfield church happens to supplements its income by doubling as a rental facility. But its still a church.

    If the Town of Enfield is so adamant about renting an out of town space for graduation (which makes no sense since taxpayers have paid $ millions to renovate the high school athletic fields), they can go rent the Bushnell, or the Civic Center, or Springfield's Symphony Hall. At least these places aren't religious houses of worship.

    Does someone in Enfield have an "stake" in that Bloomfield facility? Because there's a real push by a handful to rent it.