Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vets For Peace Banned From Parades

Wilton and Ridgefield keep "Vets for Peace"
from marching in their Memorial Day parades:

Chapter 18 of the Veterans for Peace organization [was] denied permission by organizers of Wilton's Memorial Day Parade committee to join the parade.

That decision angered Wilton resident and Veterans for Peace member Beth Stephan.

"We don't understand why they would not allow veterans to march in the parade," she said Tuesday.

"Clearly the town of Wilton feels the need to dictate who veterans are allowed to assemble," said Stephan in criticizing the denial.

The town doesn't organize the parade, instead it's local veterans groups who are in charge of the parade. Wilton's parade chairman Jeff Turner declined to comment on the record but sent a Letter to the Editor to the Villager defending the organizers' decision.

The group marched in the Ridgefield Memorial Day parade the last two years despite the fact organizers originally didn't want them to participate, said Ridgefield parade organizer Robert Tulipani.

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