Wednesday, December 31, 2008


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WTIC Layoffs Have One Sponsor
Questioning His Support


As Colin McEnroe prepares for his final show this afternoon one of his long-time sponsors and biggest supporters, Dr. Jerry Rosenfeld ‘the dentist who caters to cowards’, said he is considering ending his relationship with WTIC.

“It’s not official, but it’s most likely that I would not continue,” Rosenfeld said in a phone interview Wednesday.

Rosenfeld said he has been sponsoring McEnroe’s show for 15 years.

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    By jerry rosenfeld on December 31, 2008 10:55 PM

    As sponsors and listeners for 15 years you were our only choice over all the other cliched alternatives. We love your quirky originality, it tops those constant on air cliches any day of the week. Hands down and heads up this is difficult pill to swallow.

    We heard it on the grapevine and then directly from the horses mouth. You know the ropes, Colin, and we say to you, a man among men, in a nutshell, when one door closes another one opens.

    When the chips are down, there is a lid for every pot and more than one way to skin a cat. Speaking of didn't let the cat out of the bag for almost 2 weeks, even when you were as busy as cat on a hot tin roof you were letter perfect. The cat never got YOUR tongue - you are the cat's meow and will be in the catbird seat again.

    Last but not least, it's time to ring the changes, keep a stiff upper lip and see the light at the end of the
    tunnel, leaving no stone unturned come rain or shine, hell or high water.

    Best wishes for 2009, we will think of you fondly when we wet our whistle as the year and the world turns. And let's not stop the music. Marion and Jerry
    ... We have two questions for you WTIC - What were you thinking?? And, if Colin agrees, can you reverse the decision?

    As long time sponsors and keen listeners (until now) we are shocked and disappointed at your short-sighted decision.

    Removing Colin McEnroe's program is a loss not just for radio listeners but for Hartford area's identity too. Irreplaceable, with large dedicated following,Colin is a local treasure with a refreshing insight that is so necessary in our increasingly cookie-cutter world. The 3.00 - 6.00 slot will seem so empty now. Regardless of the replacement, nothing can compete with his original fresh approach and entertaining show.

    We are grieving for what was a reliable and vibrant part of our week-day listening, and take solace in knowing that such talent will find a way to always be with us.

  • So Long Diane, Colin
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    Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

    It's all a matter of ratings.

    While I too would often find Colin entertaining, (while from my perspective contrary minded) he simply wasn't bringing in the time sales - leastwise not *enough* apparently.

    Diane on the other hand should stick to human interest and her "Positively Connecticut" schtick, and avoid political commentary altogether.
    She was too often ill-informed and was seemingly hell-bent to expose that fact by sharing her own ignorance from behind a 50,000 watt microphone.