Thursday, January 08, 2009

Bristol, NB Dailies Arise From Deathbed?


Newsman Buys Two Dailies and Three Weeklies

by Christine Stuart

Unwilling to reveal the identity of his investors or how much he plans to pay, Michael Schroeder spoke at a Capitol press conference Wednesday about his plans to purchase the Bristol Press, New Britain Herald, and three weeklies.

Schroeder, who said he had never been to either Bristol or New Britain before 10 days ago, said his meeting with both New Britain Mayor Timothy Stewart and Bristol Mayor Art Ward “sealed the deal” in his mind.

“I’m not here to save the papers. I’m here to give enough time so that the communities can save the papers,” Schroeder said.

The Journal Register Co. announced in November that it would close the two dailies and several weekly papers on Jan. 12 if it was unable to find a buyer.

Schroeder, a Huntington Long Island resident, said he read about the impeding sale of the papers in the New York Times.

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