Thursday, January 08, 2009

WNPR, aka Connecticut Public Radio, Reaches Out To Colin For New Show

Note To A Listener:
...WNPR is exploring the possibility of bringing Colin McEnroe to WNPR and creating a program around his talents. It would be premature to suppose that he will be on WNPR. We have yet to discuss anything with Mr. McEnroe, but we have contacted him and expressed our initial interest.

Colin McEnroe is scheduled to be on Where We Live February 2nd at 9a to talk about the state of Talk Radio in Connecticut.


Kim Grehn
VP/Station Manager - WNPR
Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network
1049 Asylum Avenue
Hartford, CT 06105
Phone: (860) 275-7294Fax: (860) 275-7430

Grehn was responding to this question:

Since Colin McEnroe is no longer with WTIC AM, why don't you pick him up for a show? Many, many of us are lamenting his loss, and are waiting for someone to pick him up and give him the air time he so deserves. They are trying to eliminate liberal voices on WTIC AM -- but I know this is not what NPR is about....

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    Anonymous said...

    I don't much care where Colin ends up as long as I can receive his show on my radio!