Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Night Willie Papaleo Fought Ray Roberts ...

Norwich Bulletin


Once upon a time, one of boxing’s most historic chapters was written in Norwich.

It happened in 1938 and pitted two future world championship boxers against each other in the greatest mismatch in boxing history. I intended to write the story last year, because of the 70th anniversary of that event, so I thought, as the first story in 2009, I would recount the boxing history made in Norwich so many years ago.

  • Complete Article & Sinatra-Pep Photo

  • Memo From Iceman John Scully:
    Pep recounted the fight a bit in his book FRIDAY'S HEROES. Ray turned pro at 135, though, so he wasnt a "welterweight" just yet when he and little Willie fought. I'll pass this article on to some people.

  • Iceman John Scully's Green Mile
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    a rose is a rose said...

    thanks for linking to that. i had no idea any of that happened.

    i can't wait to show my pops (who is a boxing fanatic)

    and oh, i have a picture of willie pep on my living room wall