Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bravo, Shelly Sindland, Former Sports Information Grunt: She Asks, Why Is Calhoun Immune?

Cites Her Time With P.J.Carlesimo @ Seton Hall
Will Host Krayeske On Fox61's The Real Story


I was trying to take a break from blogging because it is taking up a lot of my time these days but I just can’t take it anymore.

The story that has really struck a cord with me is the story everyone is talking about–Ken Krayeske’s questioning of Uconn Basketball Coach Jim Calhoun.


Simply put, Ken was right. Calhoun was wrong! Whether he likes it or not, Krayeske’s question was valid and one worth answering. You can’t tell someone to “shut-up” or that they are “stupid” just because you don’t like their questions. Last I knew, we lived in a free society–Freedom of The Press, right? I guess Calhoun thinks The First Amendment doesn’t apply to him or the basketball court! He was rude, arrogant and down right mean to Krayeske. The debate seems to be whether or not Krayeske is a valid journalist. Under Connecticut’s Reporter Shield Law, Bloggers are covered. So, that would make Krayeske a valid journalist. We in the field call them “pajama journalists” because they tend to write about things from the comfort of their own homes with no real world experience. This was not the case with Krayeske. He took the time out of his schedule and “volunteered” for the difficult task –- a task, I might add, many others in the biz would be too afraid to venture into.

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  • " ... If they ask [Not-A-Dime Jim] a hard question he's going to shut off their access. He's done this for years. He did it to me when I worked for the Advocate. I wrote a tough column, and then he said I couldn't interview players anymore ..."
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