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Audit Talk, re; Calhoun / Hoop Program, Etc.


In Other Words,

Where does salary factor in?
Does that $6.1 million figure include Calhoun's salary? If not, then his salary would create a net loss for the team, and if so, that means "he" brought in a lowly 1.23 million last fiscal year. Not really a good trade-off, though you can't put an accurate price tag on publicity/positive image.
by: ChanceKell @ Mon Feb 23, 2009 at 20:11:14 PM EST

UConn bkb revenue and expenses
i only saw the totals. someone could get these public records via foi. even then, some sports writers say the schools fudge these numbers. perhaps a forensic audit is in order. the state auditors get paid to do that...
by: tntcomm82 @ Mon Feb 23, 2009 at 20:31:13 PM EST

*[new] Momentum
With the momentum this story is building after only a couple of days, an official audit (at the very least, comment) may be right around the corner.
by: ChanceKell @ Mon Feb 23, 2009 at 20:47:23 PM EST

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  • *[new] CT public auditors reports
    I did a quick click through some of the UCONN audits posted as reports at our CT Public Auditors' website, link here.

    There's nothing spot on vis a vis this conversation (that I saw - I'm a non-accountant so maybe don't know where to look but I did a search for relevant terms within the docs) Generally, I think this website is under-consulted by citizens interested in how the state operates, so there ya go -- good one to bookmark and check from time to time imho.

    Especially if you're interested in putting some heat on to tighten up operations in the face of a budget deficit, these reports can point you to where some of the budget bodies lie. If anyone FOIs the relevant info on the income and outgo around athletics, based on the magnitude of some of the tracking omissions and errors mentioned in these reports, don't take anything at face value -- it would seem reasonable to look carefully at the numbers to form an independent opinion as to their accuracy/whether they are backed up and the method by which they were prepared. Of course, the reports are only part of the picture -- if you look at the most recent couple of years' reports on UCONN, you will see that, e.g. a construction contract that was to be competitively bid only evidenced the winning contract and none of the competitors, and the payout on that particular contract to date, if I got my zeros in place properly, was $10 million dollars. So if they don't have the competitive bids on file for a contract that has so far amassed $10MM in payouts to the "winning" contractor (I can't believe this - could I have read the number wrong?), then there would seem to be some rather substantive questions to raise with their bookkeeping. The notion that you could slip up on that and "lose" such bids is kind of incomprehensible to me -- . The audits of any of the state departments/agencies provide insights into how well things are functioning or not -- and may even suggest places where particular process or structural changes could save the state substantial sums not by cutting programs but by working smarter. One of the audits pointed out e.g. that employees were pretty much on their own to seek out the lowest fares when traveling. The audits I looked at (they are in several places -- alphabetically under UCONN plus a couple under annual or special audits) -- did not really highlight the athletic operations specifically. One report notes that there were some bookkeeping problems with the football stadium's catering and parking receivables, and there was a process issue where a former athletic director who left early and owed money to the school, yet was paid for back vacation time (and no mechanism to detect the issue).

    by: greenpeas @ Mon Feb 23, 2009 at 22:45:44 PM EST


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    California is in a huge budget hole and state employees are having to take furloughs. State taxes and gas taxes are going up. Car registration fees are set to nearly double. Unemployment in L.A. County was 9.9% in December and likely will hit double figures when the January figures are released this week. In short, a lot of people are suffering.

    Then you see Calhoun, without a bit of compassion for the common man. Unbelievable.

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