Monday, February 23, 2009

Calhoun Is a Royal Jackass When Asked About Salary

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... The gutless media is now playing defense and coming down on Krayeske for having the balls to dare challenge the multimillionaire coach, who claims his darling program brings in $12 million a year to the university — before expenses ...

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    by "Thomas Hooker" @ MLN

    Good for Ken Krayeske
    Krayeske made an excellent point when he said that if the regular "journalists" had covered this, he wouldn't have to. There is a lot of anger building in this country among average people who are seeing their lives being destroyed, losing their homes, watching their savings vanish, watching their money set aside for their children's college educations disappear, their jobs lost, their health care lost, their hope vanish. We're seeing the University of Connecticut and so many other universities cut back on classes, professors' salaries, and raise tuition. UConn's tuition will this year exceed half of the total expense, with the state's contribution falling under half. Yet we're supposed to feel indignant that Ken Krayeske takes Jim Calhoun to task for earning the better part of two million bucks? I strongly doubt that basketball nets the university anywhere near twelve million bucks, as he claims. But good for Ken Krayeske for bringing up the issue. There are a lot of UConn students and their families who are hurting and Calhoun is pissed off because he's asked about his big-time earnings? Shame on him! And shame on those sports "reporters" who can't be bothered to think about this state, the vast majority of students, and the health of our state's economy as we teeter on the brink of another depression. Ken Krayeske might piss people off, but he's got guts to bring up unpopular issues. Hat's off to you, Ken!!

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