Monday, February 23, 2009

CBS Sports Columnist To Calhoun: Show Me The Books


By now, you've seen Jim Calhoun snap at a freelance reporter/political activist who questioned the propriety of his $1.6 million salary based on the fact that the state of Connecticut, like all the other states, is heading for Paraguay.

His argument was that the program he oversees brings in $12 million to the school every year, and that the freelancer should shut up. He made these two points several times, in fact, leading one to assume that his questioner was impressed by neither.

But I am, sort of. I'd like for the interviewer to have done a few things first.

One, ask if the $12 million was after expenses, in which case Calhoun's argument would be pretty much unassailable.

Two, if it was before expenses, how much money did the school actually see?

And three, could we all see the books?

Calhoun has always enjoyed his exchanges with the Connecticut media in the same way that people enjoy being hit in the stomach with sandbags. In fact, he actually tends to come off as giving far more than he actually has to take, which has led to his reputation as a poison sumac-based skin ointment in human form.

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