Monday, February 23, 2009

NYT Cites Cool Justice On Calhoun Numbers

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Update: Andy Thibault, over at the Web site The Cool Justice Report, says that according to forms sent by the University of Connecticut to the Department of Education, last season the men’s basketball team generated $7.3 million in revenue, not the $12 million Mr. Calhoun claimed. (This, of course, after telling Mr. Krayeske to come back after “you get your facts straight.”) And get this: it spent $6.1 million. Which means that the team’s actual profit last year was $1.2 million. That’s less than Mr. Calhoun’s salary!

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  • From Dan Levine
    @ CtNewsJunkie

    dan levine | February 23, 2009 5:48 PM

    so, at the outset, i should disclose that i am a working journalist and a friend of ken's. that said, i think this "wrong time to ask the question" argument is absolutely ridiculous. calhoun is a public figure at a press conference. i've never been to a presser in my life where you are not allowed to ask any kind of question, provided it is about a legitimate public matter (ie. not about the health of the guy's wife). ken inquired about taxpayer dollars. as far as i'm concerned, that subject is ALWAYS in-bounds when questioning a public official. then -- and be sure to watch the video here -- ken asks about the comcast deal ONLY AFTER calhoun opens the door, saying he makes a lot more than his state salary. to me, this is just good journalism, thinking on your feet to have the right followup question in order to best elicit information. and boy, did ken elicit some information! job well done in my book. that the sports guys didn't ask the question first -- for whatever reason -- is their problem, not ken's.

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