Tuesday, February 24, 2009


"there's little doubt he could leave tomorrow and the UConn program would continue to generate a significant amount of revenue ...even with a coach who made half as much as Calhoun. "

Perception and reality wage another battle in the sports word
By Tim Keown
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Jim Calhoun had a verbal fracas with a local gadfly/reporter in a postgame press conference on Saturday. The gadfly, Ken Krayeske, hit Calhoun with a question about Connecticut's state budget deficit as it relates to Calhoun's status as the state's highest-paid public employee.

Calhoun made the point that he wouldn't give back anything -- "not a dime" -- before devolving into an arrogant diatribe about his importance to the state's economy. His point was valid, but he probably could have made it without telling the questioner to "shut up." It just sounds bad, right now, coming from a guy who makes a reported $1.6 million a year to coach teenagers.

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