Monday, February 16, 2009

Standing On The Edge Of An Abyss That Is The Grave Of The First Amendment Rights Of Students

Yale Daily News

Yale Law School Forum
Looks At Famous Douche Bag Case


A case pitting Connecticut public school administrators against a high school student’s personal blog took center stage at a Yale Law School conference on free speech over the weekend.

The case, Doninger v. Niehoff, ruled on contentious issues forming the heart of debate at the conference, “The Future of Internet Speech: What Are We Teaching the Facebook Generation?” hosted by the Yale Law School’s Law and Media Program. Approximately forty students, professors and journalists gathered for the two-day conference, which was precipitated by a series of recent court decisions , including Doninger v. Niehoff, that conference attendees said have restricted the ability of young people to write and speak freely in and out of school or on the Internet.

In Doninger v. Niehoff, courts upheld a school district’s decision to kick student Avery Doninger out of student government after Doninger called school officials “douchebags” in a personal blog.

“I feel as if I am standing on the edge of an abyss that is the grave of the First Amendment Rights of students,” Doninger’s attorney Jon Schoenhorn said.

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