Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Would You Like Anything Else With That Story?


Tip-jar journalism: Slim pickin’s for pubs

Kachingle is not going to make the cash register jingle very loudly at most newspapers, so let’s skip the idea of installing electronic tip jars at websites in the hopes publishers can collect enough spare change to pay their reporters.

For those who missed the paean to Kachingle by my friend Steve Outing (and a follow-up here), it is a service that would let website visitors pay for content on the honor system. Here’s how it would work:

Instead of requiring surfers to pay for content before they view or listen to it, Kachingle would install a button on participating sites to enable a visitor, if so inclined, to tithe a few pennies to the publisher after consuming the content. It’s strictly voluntary. A skinflint could surf all day without spending a penny.

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