Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gulf War Illnesses Debate Rages On for 18 Years: No End in Sight for the Sick



"Our war (the first Gulf War) was the most toxic as far as exposures ever in history," said Denise Nichols, a retired US Air Force registered nurse and veterans' advocate, who herself suffers from wartime illness. "How can parents or the American citizens trust their government or encourage their young to enlist when this history of neglect and denial of gulf war illness is allowed to fester … [the US Department of Veterans Affairs] has betrayed us. [The Department of Defense] has betrayed us. The government for 17 years betrayed the trust we as soldiers, airmen, marines, or sailors had, and our trust must be regained by [incoming President Barack Obama]."

Medical records show Melissa Sterry, 46, a New Haven, Connecticut, resident, who cleaned up radioactive depleted uranium dust in tanks during the Gulf War, has post-traumatic stress, chronic headaches, upper respiratory infections and repeating pneumonia ...

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  • Thomas "Dennie" Williams is a former state and federal court reporter, who specialized in investigations, for the Hartford Courant. Since the 1970s, he has written extensively about irregularities in the Connecticut Superior Court, Probate Court systems for disciplining both judges and lawyers for misconduct and the failures of the Pentagon and the VA to assist sick veterans returning from war. He is now a freelance writer for several Internet sites including The Cool Justice Report, and The Public Record. He can be reached at

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