Friday, March 20, 2009

Crazy Teacher Videos: DON'T LOOK, Teacher Union Warns

News Item:
A Norwalk, CT High School math teacher was suspended with pay in 2006 after a cellphone video posted on the Internet showed him calling a student a homophobic slur. A year later, in Arizona, a teacher was placed on administrative leave after she performed a cheerleading routine in class that was later shown on YouTube. Supporters in both cases said the videos were taken out of context.

State Rep. Andrew Fleischmann, D- West Hartford, who is co-chairman of the education committee, said he was ambivalent about whether to move the measure forward. Fleischmann and other committee leaders have until April 6 to screen scores of bills and decide which ones to advance or shelve.

Restricting images that students can document would likely invite free speech arguments, and courts in the country have generally limited teachers' privacy rights in the classroom. But since the measure is "simply a proposal to study the issue, it's pretty innocuous," Fleischmann said this week.
-- Hartford Courant

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  • Cool Justice Report Editor's Note:
    Only the incompetent and the deranged need fear such videos. By incompetent and deranged, we refer to "leadership" of the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education, the Connecticut Association of Schools, the Connecticut Education Association and other enemies of free speech, as evidenced in the testimony cited below.

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  • 1 comment:

    Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

    Are these people whacky or what?

    The only people that such a ban would "protect" would clearly be guilty of something.
    (IE: ranting & raving, throwing things, lewd behavior, suggestive remarks, etc.)

    No thanks - students with camera phones are probably the only weapon we have against rotten teachers.

    One would think that good teachers would like to be rid of the lousy one's.......but I guess that's not the case.