Friday, August 07, 2009

Ravi Talks About Racial Profiling, False Arrest, Judicial Negligence

Held Incommunicado
In Subterranean Pit
Of Institutional Racism

He's Talking With Lawyer, ACLU
About Civil Rights Violations

  • WTIC Podcast 8-7-09

  • Kidnapped By Cops And Held 30 Hours, Poet - Prof Talks Friday On WTIC1080

  • Sly Stone Weighs In ...


    from left to right, Managing Editor Leslie McGrath, Sommer Browning, Rand Richards Cooper, Sharon Dolin, Founding Editor Ravi Shankar, Elisabeth Subrin, Ram Devineni and Harriet Levin.

  • Drunken Boat Literary Journal

  • Hygienic Art
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