Sunday, August 09, 2009

What Would Happen If Poor People Got The Same Medical Care As Rich People?

  • Beware The Trap Of Longer Lives Trapped In A Soulless System
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    denny hoffman said...

    "Real politics are the possession
    and distribution of power.
    - Benjamin Disraeli

    The Screaching of the Gulls
    - by denny

    New Orleans is miserable this time of year.
    The heat rising off Lake Pontchartrain
    hangs over the city like a wet blanket.
    Unable to sleep on the sweat-drenched sheets
    I walk outside along the empty streets, past
    the drunk sleeping in the doorway,
    on the sidewalk, an empty wine bottle.
    Past the hungry eyes and empty hands
    peering from the cluttered alleyways.

    The city has never really recovered
    from the devastation of the storm, so
    I walk out to the harbors edge
    to where the waves play along the shore and
    sea birds strut, looking for a meal.
    To the half moon curve of the sandy beach
    the clean salty spray of the ocean breeze.

    The politicians keep tell us that
    the city is coming back, just wait
    give us more time, more money.
    But here, along the shore all I hear
    is the screeching of the gulls.