Friday, September 04, 2009

JI, Others React To Courant Admission

Various Levels
Of Theft ...

Reader Asks,

“The Courant’s apology for plagiarism does not address or resolve the bigger issue,” Manchester Journal Inquirer Ellis said. “The bigger issue is the Courant’s misappropriating material from the Journal Inquirer and other competing papers and publishing that material with attribution, which the Courant apparently continues to consider acceptable.

“It is not acceptable. It is theft as much as ordinary plagiarism is and is financially damaging to the papers from which the material is taken. It makes no difference whether the stolen material is attributed or not; it is still stolen.

“The Journal Inquirer will continue to challenge this practice if it recurs.”

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  • Bristol Press Readers:

    The Courant should have an independent reporter come in and review their conduct (How about [Dennie] Williams?) ...

    ... You are 110 percent right that Graziano should resign ...

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  • Sleepy's Gazette, The Newspaper Formerly Known As The Hartford Courant, Apologizes For Plagiarism
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