Friday, December 18, 2009

Smolinski Case on National TV

The bizarre and astounding story of the disappearance of Billy Smolinski from Waterbury in August 2004 continues to make waves across the country. The case triggered the introduction of federal legislation in Washington D.C. by 5th District Congressman Chris Murphy to address the disconnect in how law enforcement officers respond to the report of a missing adult. Murphy’s efforts were documented in an article published in USA Today last week.

Additionally, an hour-long show about the case will be aired on January 18th, at 10 pm, on the Investigation Discovery channel. The channel varies from cable company to cable company, but in Waterbury, on Comcast, it will be on Channel 104. In Southington it will be on Channel 102. In Litchfield County it will air on Channel 171. Check your local listings to be sure.

  • Investigation Discovery Channel

  • Power is reluctant to admit its flaws, and the Police Chief’s Association spoke out against this bill two years ago. West Hartford police Chief James Strallacci testified before the judiciary committee that we didn’t have a problem here in Connecticut. Less that two months later there was a missing teenage girl found imprisoned in a basement in West Hartford. The 15-year-old girl had been missing from Bloomfield for nearly a year, and was found imprisoned, ironically, in Chief Strillacci’s town.

  • Testimony Of Janice Smolinski, Mother Of Missing Person Billy Smolinski, Before Ct Legislature's Public Safety Committee, 3-3-09

  • More Bizarre Twists & Leads In Smolinski Case

  • USA Today Story December 09
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    Thousands of people go missing every year, some on purpose but way to many are murdered and never found, terrible for the families.