Thursday, December 17, 2009

You Really Got Me: Desiree Bassett

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Desiree Bassett’s accomplishments place her in a select group of modern guitarists. She’s performed with Sammy Hagar, the Marshall Tucker Band, with members of the Allman Brothers Band and at the 2006 and 2007 NAMM shows with rock band Living Color. She was named Talent America’s “Best Musician” in 2005, has recorded two albums as a bandleader, played countless gigs on both coasts and is sponsored by Peavey, Schecter Guitar Research and Taylor Guitars, among others. While this may sound impressive enough as it is, what makes these accomplishments even more remarkable is that she just recently celebrated her seventeenth birthday.

Born in 1992, Bassett was already singing along with her favorite songs by the age of two and began to learn the guitar a year later when she was only three years old. Ditching her half-size guitar at the age of five, Bassett picked up a full-sized instrument and hasn’t looked back since. After studying with her father, a guitarist and also the young guitarist’s manager, Bassett enrolled in private lessons at the University of Connecticut at the age of nine. A self-described ear player, Bassett has continued to study the theoretical side of music, and hopes to continue to do so next year when she plans to continue her musical studies at the college level.

Guitar wunderkind Desiree Bassett recently sat down with Guitar International Magazine to talk about her early influences, the complications of being a professional musician while still in high school and her musical future.

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