Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Reader / Teacher Speaks Out On Free Speech Case

" I believe that I remember that Avery actually won her election in a write in campaign, so whoever is saying she wasn't liked or respected must be wrong.

However, the school administration still wouldn't let her serve so they denied not only her freedom of speech rights but free election rights to all of her peers as well....All the way around, the administration has looked like fools.

I don't know what the outcome in the courts will be but at least it will be discussed intelligently and Avery has a chance. Let those of us on here who are capable of speaking and writing intelligently and with some dignity at least, be thankful that the obviously uneducated and ignorant writing here will have no say whatsoever in the outcome. That is why it takes a college education, law school and a great amount of experience to become a judge ... because not just any yahoo is capable.*

Why should Avery give up now? What do the yahoos think the Supreme Court is for, if not for deciding cases that have already gone through the lower courts and not been decided to the satisfaction of the plaintiffs? Thankfully, the Supreme Court has the final say and not the yahoos on here. Go Avery! I say this, I might add, as a teacher in another system. "

-- Comment Posted @ Register Citizen

* Editor's Note: Reasonable people can disagree on this point, depending on who is wearing the robe and how far Robitis has set in.

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