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Waterbury's Latest Effort To Solve Smolinski Case

-- Contributed Photo

Billy Smolinski
Missing Person Flyer
Taped Over

Editor's Note: Parking is rarely, if ever an issue at this area, at the corner of Frost Road and East Main Street, Waterbury, CT. Photos taken in recent days.

Another View
-- Contributed Photo

Jan And Bill Smolinski Display
The Taped-Over Flyer At Their Home
-- New Haven Register Photo

Jan Smolinski, Andy Thibault @ RCNewsroom Cafe FOI Class, 1-19-11
-- photo by Matt Derienzo, Register Citizen

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    Jan Smolinski learned via FOI how Waterbury Police did virtually nothing following a tip that her son was strangled and buried.

    The revelations led the FBI to dig several sites in recent years.

    Government and private investigators have identified a number of witnesses who could help solve the case. There is also a trail of dead bodies in this case which has not been explored sufficiently.

    Mrs. Smolinski recently followed up with the Connecticut Chief State's Attorney and the U.S. Attorney, formally requesting the empaneling of grand juries to compel witness testimony. She is still waiting to hear from Chief State's Attorney Kevin Kane and U.S. Attorney David Fine.

    The FBI investigation appears to be dormant at this time.

  • FBI launches new form to accept FOIA requests electronically

  • A private investigator, Todd Lovejoy, continues to work on the case while Mrs. Smolinski presses law enforcement and elected representatives to deliver justice.

    In the Jan. 26 class, discussion included the status of the Smolinski case and strategies to obtain public records in various cases via state and federal FOI laws.

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