Friday, May 20, 2011

CT Young Writer Finalist Also A Playwright; Show Tonight

Rockville High School's Alyssa Holmes, named a state prose finalist this week in the Connecticut Young Writers competition, is also a playwright.

Victoria Nordlund:

Alyssa Holmes co-wrote our Murder Mystery play this year.

It is a huge event at our school. It is tonight!

[7PM Friday, May 20, 2011]

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  • We also just found out she is a finalist in the “It's All Write National Short Story Competition as well. She has had a great week.

    The Annual RHS Murder Mystery is tonight, and this year the victim is Talent!

    Which young Hollywood musician could have been the murderer? Completely student-written and student-performed, the murder mystery is sure to cause a laugh or two.

    Come watch and try to determine the murderer for yourself! There will be an intermission during which you can interrogate each character and vote for who you think is... the killer. If you guessed correctly, you might just win a prize. Tickets are only $5 and include two free raffle tickets for voting (additional raffle tickets will be sold at the event).

    The Cast:

    *The Producer- Erin Connolly

    *The Intern- Patrick Connolly

    *Demi Lovato- Emily Cyr

    *John Mayer- Alex Fowler

    *Ke$ha- Mikaela Adams

    *Zac Efron- Max Hamlin

    *Vanessa Hudgens- Jenny Mears

    *The Jonas Brothers- Dominic Pescosolido, Jake Miceli, and Ian Macdonald

    *Britney Spears- Chelsea Epes

    *Taylor Swift- Anna Vanderleest

    *Justin Bieber- Alex Nordlund

    *Rihanna- Aminah Muhammad

    *Katy Perry- Rose Snyder

    *Miley Cyrus- Logan LeDuc

    *Lady GaGa- Megan Chabre

    Alyssa Holmes, Amy Modeen, , and Dominic Pescosolido

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