Friday, August 26, 2011

Big Easy Thoughts For The Day From:

A Retired Police Commander

A good cop is like Santa Claus -- you have to know the good guys from the bad guys.

It's All About Knowing The Difference ...


A Civilian Out-Of-Towner
Wrongly Held For Murder
Over The Weekend Some Years Ago

Somebody has mistaken the NOPD as Mayberry hicks.

That's a dangerous notion.

New Orleans is known for its masks. Same is true for the NOPD. They don't tolerate investigations ...

Truth equates trouble. It doesn't take much or long for those masks to come off.


D.C.'s Justice Integrity Project
News Roundup Includes:
... New Orleans police are now spending large sums to resist ... inquiries instead of responding to FOI requests or otherwise focusing on the [Caporino] case ...

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  • Diary Of A Big Easy Public Records Request, Entry 1 [Caporino case]

  • History Of Cover-Up In The Gabe Caporino Missing Person / Homicide Case

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