Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Diary Of A Big Easy Public Records Request, Entry 1 [Caporino case]

New Orleans Cops Suspend 1st & 4th Amendments;
Steer Resources To Investigate Writer
Instead Of Producing Public Records As Required By Law


I shared this incident with a number of friends and colleagues in law enforcement in New Orleans and around the world. Here are some of their reactions:

Ah, the vagaries of Southern hospitality. There is such a thing in Southern law enforcement as GP = general principle. They will lock your ass up if they do not like your looks ... or, you ain't from around here boy, is yah? Consider yourself lucky they did not do more.

I guess the chief doesn't want to talk to you. The part I found amusing from a Mayberry RFD point of view: these [guys] didn't pat you down for a gun before they started breaking your [stones]? And you left your cell number with them how many times?

Because of your attempts to meet with the Superintendent on the Caporino case, they are now taking the following action: Opening a full investigation into Andy Thibault, including an intelligence workup. They apparently believe that you are tracking the movements of certain command staff personnel.

Editor’s Note: The first in a series of requests for public records in the Gabe Caporino Missing Person / Homicide Cover-Up was hand-delivered on Aug. 17 to the office of New Orleans Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas. The history of the Caporino case was reported by The Register Citizen in a column published that same day. The post includes links to that request as well as FBI reports and other documents:

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