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Result Of Title IX Complaint Establishing Girls Soccer Team At Litchfield High School, Litchfield, CT: Compliance Agreement, Early Roster Posted

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    It was a great run … Immaculate wins the Class S girls state title, 3-0 over Litchfield

    The Litchfield Cowgirls Make History Again
    Playing In State Championship Game Saturday

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  • U.S. Department of Education Office Of Civil Rights

    Voluntary Compliance Agreement
    With Litchfield Public Schools
    Sept. 28, 1995

    To resolve the Complaint No. 01-95-1173 and ensure that the Litchfield Public School District (District) complies with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and its implementing regulations, the District agrees to the following actions:

    1. Beginning in the fall of 1995, initiate a girls' intramural soccer program for grades 7-12.

    2. Beginning in the fall of 1996, initiate a girls' interscholastic soccer team at the seventh and eighth grade levels, and a girls' Junior Varsity team for grades 9through 12.

    3. Beginning in the fall of 1997, initiate a girls' Varsity soccer team.


    1. By October 31, 1995, the District will submit to OCR a report that demonstrates that an intramural soccer program was started for grades 7 through 12.

    2. By September 1, 1996, the schedules of the girls' interscholastic seventh and eighth grade soccer team and the high school's Junior Varsity team. In addition, a copy of the eligibility squad lists for each of these teams.

    3. By September 1, 1997, the schedule of the girls' Varsity soccer team and the eligibility squad list for this team.

    Roster From 1997 LHS Yearbook

    Elise Blount, Kelsley Lyons, Stacy Millard

    Liz Branch

    Amanda Golovin

    Revella Leifert

    Jenny Loomis

    Heather Noel

    Jamie Shuhi

    Christy Alborn

    Tina Barbaccha

    Christina Batta

    Erin Dake

    Erin Dwyer

    Kate Gnitzcavich

    Carla Grimaldi

    Christine Mancuso

    Emily Paris

    Kristyn Reinhardt

    Kate Westberg

    Coach: Cindy Ferrarotti

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