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UPDATE: How Deep Is Mayor In Cop Boss's Magic Pension? Looks Pretty Deep …

  • Mayor Gives Bum's Rush To NAACP At Press Conference - Supposedly A Public Meeting

  • Fox 8 Update

  • Mayor Tosses
    City Lawyer
    Under The Bus
    In Sham Notarization
    'I'm completely transparent'

    What's His Scorecard
    Stonewalling Disclosure
    Of Public Records?

    Comments & Story Via New Orleans Times Picayune


    Half Moon has thrown the City Attorney under the bus while covering for Serpas. King is right the hiring of Serpas was a formality because of family connections and not a nationwide search. Mitch has covered for Serpas during several issues. Again Serpas is caught in a lie and yet he won't follow his own policy and die. How can he expect the rank and file be honest when he's not.

    Let this be a lesson to everyone who thinks [they're] in with the administration. In a few weeks ask Victor Pappi what really happened. If he gets disbarred, he might actually tell the truth. It will be funny to see who presents the case against Pappi's appeal to Civil Service. Assuming it goes that far, because I am sure Landrieu will have this swept under the carpet....

    Lawyers do lie. When they die the funeral people have to stand them up, because they have been lying all their lives. This City of New Orleans lawyer clown has to do what he is told to protect his job. The act itself is bad, but the cover-up will bring them down. Landreau is beginning to think that he is larger than his political life. He best think twice. Serpas is heading up a corrupt NOPD and I am not so sure he is not among the worse. His actions should be closely scrutinized.

    ANSWER THE QUESTION SERPAS - any of your subordinates would be required to answer the questions during an investigation - SO ANSWER THE QUESTION.
    Serpas and the Assistant City Attorney Falsified records of the State of Louisiana -
    Mitch - seriously, stop covering for him, he had a lot to say back in May of last year - "this is the worst police department in the nation" &"Nashville is the best police department in the nation" - so go to Nashville. Pack up your makeup and P.R. Crew and hit the road dude, stop riding this city's back to your $2.9 million pension.

    Time to resign Landrieu for continuing to cover for your pal. You kept silent when Serpas involvment in the red light camera corruption became known to the public. Serpas you have lied its time for you to go away. Its time for you to eat your own words, "you lie you die". Quit trying to hold the officers of the NOPD to a different standard than you are held to yourself. For this you receive the [hypocrite] of the year award. When Moon Landrieu was mayor Ronal Serpas' father was an NOPD officer whom was Moon Landrieu's bodyguard. Mitch and Ronal played together when they were kids. So the citizens of New Orleans failed to do their homework and voted in a career politician [who] never had a real job. A man who fed off the public trough all of his life. A man who was given the distinction of voting for more tax increases than any other in the history of the Louisiana House. Congratulations to the city of New Orleans you got what you deserved. A tiger doesn't change his stripes, Landrieu has continue to sock it to you with more of his old tax increases and has continued to cover up for his pal Serpas. He has got the citizens of Orleans Parish bamboozled into thinking he is looking out for them. So follow in line sheeple and don't do your homework. Be good little citizens and re-elect Half Moon, you get what you deserve. Do your job Jim Letten.

    This story (better captured on WVUE's website), clearly illustrate an elaborate and now exposed scheme to create a paper trail /illusion that Ronal Serpas was on the NOPD payroll before his 50th birthday, despite factual evidence to the contrary. Most disconcerting are the character flaws on display here: Ignorance (Serpas was already a 20 plus year member of the pension system, so back dating paperwork before he turned fifty was unnecessary); Deceit/Greed (the intent to doctor paperwork to meet a nonexistent deadline for monetary gain), Arrogance (to dismiss the aforementioned as errors and vendettas) and Hypocrisy (to hold yourself out as an agent of change while being anything but). The Mayor and Chief continue to explain away glaring examples of unacceptable conduct by the Chief and his minions. I am surprised by the lack of ire on this issue. I agree that Crime, Education and the Economy are the weighty areas of concern for New Orleans, yet cannot overlook the obvious: We have a dishonest, ineffectual Police Chief being blindly defended and supported by a thin-skinned Mayor more consumed with imagery and marketing campaigns than grappling with glaring internal deficiencies. How do we turn away when the murder rate is rising? Why is this Chief allowed to deflect the 20 year crime problem to the citizens? Why are Milwaukee and James Carter being employed to shore up the Chief? Having watched the Mayor's press conference on WVUE announcing Serpas' hiring last year: he says the chosen candidate "was FROM the department but not OF it"...Delusional is what we ALL must be not to recognize that Serpas the fox has returned to the hen house and that Mayor Landrieu views his office as a birthright and not a duty to uphold. Here we go AGAIN!

    News report on NOPD Superintendent
    Ronal Serpas hiring paperwork
    sparks showdown at Gallier Hall

    A television report raising questions over whether New Orleans Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas fudged paperwork when he was hired in order to enhance his pension package sparked a brief showdown Tuesday outside a mayoral news conference ...

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  • Meanwhile, Serpas Sits On File In Caporino Case Cover-Up

  • Fox8 Scoop: Cop Boss In Hot Seat For Magic Triple Pension / Sham Documents

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