Sunday, December 04, 2011

New Business Column On Electronic Evidence, e-Tips & Traps, At RegCit & NHR, JRC / Digital Media First Publications

e-Tips & Traps: The Care of eDocs is crucial for business
Sunday, December 4, 2011

With Andy Thibault


Federal courts formally recognized the need to protect electronic data in 2006, and most states followed with their own versions of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Key change: Before 2006, discovery and production of documents began shortly before trial; now, e-discovery begins as soon as a lawsuit is filed ...

... In 2007, a federal judge ordered Intel to produce electronic documents that if stacked in a pile would have been an estimated 137 miles high. Not only a lot of documents were at stake. In a settlement, Intel paid arch-rival Advanced Micro Devices $1.25 billion for antitrust violations in the chip-maker market.
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  • Murray's Short Bio:

    Bill Murray is a self taught forensic computer technician.

    He has more than 30 years experience with computers. At 16 he wrote -- with the help of a teacher at his high school -- the senior class textbook on computer technology. Later, he was old enough to take his own class.

    Bill has worked in a variety disciplines including software development, administration, security and desktop support in the manufacturing, banking, investment insurance, medical and legal industries. He was a pioneer in the computer compact disk retail market.

    He is president of EdocMasters LLC, a company that takes the mystery out of e documentation for the legal industry

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