Thursday, January 26, 2012

3 Black Tower Radio Show Interviews

The Black Tower Show W/ Author Andy Thibault

Interview starts after 8-minute mark ...

Topics include:

* BP-Halliburton Oil Spill Evidence

* Occupy Wall Street, Freedom of Assembly, Police State

* SOPA, PIPA & Reincarnations / Threat Of The Internet To Repressive Governments

* Post 9-11 Curbing Of The Bill Of Rights

* Famous Douche Bag Free Speech Case

* Billy Smolinski Case Cover-Up: Missing Person / Homicide In Waterbury, CT

* Caporino Case Cover-Up: Missing Person / Homicide In New Orleans

Andy Thibault is the author of Law and Justice In Everyday Life and, with forensic computer expert Bill Murray, writes a weekly column on electronic evidence called eTips and Traps which is published in a variety of newspapers around the country.

  • Blog Talk Radio Podcast Jan. 26, 2012, Interview With Andy Thibault

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    Jason Leopold is the lead investigative reporter for as well as the author of ' News Junkie', a book that chronicles his career as a up and coming journalist. He was the the first journalist to report on the Enron scandal, and was one of the leading reporters on the Valerie Plame affair.

  • Black Tower Interview With Truthout's Jason Leopold

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    Dahila Lithwick is a constitutional lawyer and is formerly the editor at Newsweek. She currently serves as the Senior Editor at

  • Black Tower Interview With Slate's Dahila Lithwick

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  • Howard Zinn Introduction

  • F. Lee Bailey Foreword

  • Still Pending: Lawsuit V. New Orleans PD Over Public Records Law Violations In Caporino Case Cover-Up

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