Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bob Thiesfield's Expanding Photo Gallery, Wally, Marilyn & Felicity In Young Writers Benefit

Chairman Ravi:
The benefit at the Hartford Club for the CT Young Writers was a rousing success with packed rooms to hear Marilyn Nelson and Wally Lamb read new work and ask each other questions.

The lively evening included live jazz by Jen Allen and her band, a reading by '09 Connecticut Young Writers Trust Poetry Champ Felicity Sheehy -- introduced by one of our state's finest teachers, Vicky Nordlund -- and a captivating program led by Chairman Ravi Shankar and board member Rand Richards Cooper.

Generous donations by individuals, businesses and organizations including Rotary will allow the Trust to offer prize money this year.

Donations and expenses are still being tabulated. Watch for updated reports

Wally Lamb, Vince Valvo, Marilyn Nelson Prepare For Yacht Room Auction Of Literary Goodies At The Hartford Club, lucky Friday, 4-13-12

2012 Competition Judging
Now Under Way

The annual celebration at Hill-Stead June 2 will feature the winners of Connecticut's eight state writing competitions, a workshop and performance by 21-year-old award-winning slam poet and international hip hop star B. Yung, concerts by Chorus Angelicus and gospel legend Theresa Thomason, plus MetaFour with guitar virtuoso Jeff Howard and Andy Wrba of Barefoot Truth. Lisa C. Taylor, award-winning poet and educator, will lead a dynamic workshop for teachers in grades 8-12 called "Writing Against the Current." The event culminates in a special featured performance by former U.S. Poet Laureate and Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Wilbur. The CT Young Writers Trust will collaborate with the Hill-Stead Museum and the Sunken Garden Poetry Festival for an extraordinary day devoted to the literary arts.

Chairman Ravi, Rand Cooper Warm Up The Ballroom Crowd For Readings by Felicity, Marilyn, Wally

DominiQue, 'My Sweet Embraceable You,' With Jen Allen Jazz Combo: Matt Dwonszyk, bass; Kris Allen, alto sax

Vicky Nordlund, Rockville High English Teacher, Introduces '09 State Poetry Champ Felicity Sheehy

Felicity Sheehy, Yale '14, CT Poetry Circuit Competitor '12

Marilyn In 1st Public Reading Of New Poems

Wally Channels Parochial School Adventures In Reading

Maureen O'Neill-Davis, Dorotka Biesiada, Elizabeth Keifer

Ravi Shankar, Marilyn Nelson, Srini Mandavilli [with literary goodies] and Wally Lamb

Ravi Shankar, Rand Cooper, Cindy Cormier, Barbara Greenbaum

‘a ropin and a dopin … ’ -- Wally Bam Bam Lamb Hooks Left As Andy Thibault Savors The Moment

Rand Cooper, Elizabeth Keifer, Marilyn Nelson, Wally Lamb

Virginia Fisher, Jitu Huntley And Anne Tessler

Marilyn Nelson and Cynthia Reik (right) With Friend

Cigar Bar Event Prep Team – Shankar, Thibault, Valvo – Hard At Work In Strategy Session

[more photos to come...]

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