Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Sat., Oct. 6 / Fair Warning: The Poetry of Leo Connellan, a Festschrift

On October 6, 1:30 – 3:00 pm the Hartford Public Library, downtown Hartford, CT will host a reception introducing Fair Warning: The Poetry of Leo Connellan, a Festschrift honoring the second Poet Laureate of Connecticut, who died in office at 72 in 2001.

The book, edited by Sheila Murphy and Marilyn Nelson, contains reminiscences by some of Leo’s friends, reviews of his books, and discussions and evaluations of his work.

Some of the contributors and several notable Connecticut poets who knew Connellan — among them the third and fourth Poets Laureate of Connecticut — will speak or read at the celebration, at which Murphy and Nelson will donate 70 copies of the book to the Connecticut Public Library System. Refreshments will be served.

Contents, Preface, Intro / Fair Warning: The Poetry Of Leo Connellan


Contributors include Bill Cibes,
‘The Rock Upon Whom
We Built The CT Young Writers Program’

edited by

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  • I took on this project because I believed, and still do, that Leo’s contribution to poetry should be recognized, especially in Connecticut and in Maine.”-- Sheila Murphy

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