Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Why does CT prison warehouse still stonewall hearing for Bonnie Foreshaw?

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  • Yale grad's documentary on Foreshaw case ... likely to be updated

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    The Nature of the Beast

    No prisoner has been in the Niantic jail – aka York “Correctional” Institution – longer than Bonnie Jean Foreshaw, a battered and sexually-abused woman who has somehow managed to survive and hold on to her humanity.

    Every day Foreshaw remains in prison is a crime against humanity perpetrated by the state of Connecticut. She should have been freed many years ago.

    Foreshaw gave birth to her first child after being raped at age 12. She’s been a victim of violence and sexual abuse from childhood through her nearly 26 years in prison.

    After she was beaten by her third husband she carried a gun for protection ...

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