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Jury heard judge say ~!@#$%^* and ~!@#$%^*+ and pal say }£?! – -- Judge Bribery Trial

The Rocky - Brunes Tapes
Official Transcript
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BRIDGEPORT–Judge Robert Brunetti of Goshen–the key witness in the Dominic Badaracco bribery trial –became more of a force for the prosecution Tuesday by his absence than when he testified a day earlier.

Judge Brunetti spoke loudly and with anger in his voice on a wiretap recording orchestrated by investigators on Nov. 18, 2010, and heard by the jury Tuesday. Referring to Mr. Badaracco on the tape, Judge Brunetti told his boyhood friend Ronald “Rocky” Richter: “He offered me money, can’t f---ing do that ... He’s f---in’ calling me and he’s offering me f---in’ money.”

Prosecutors were so happy they rested their case after calling only four witnesses ...

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  • Official Transcript

    The Rocky – Brunes Tape[s]

    Audio segment played Tuesday, June 25, 2013

    Bridgeport Superior Court


    [From a conversation arranged and taped by investigators of the Chief State’s Attorney’s office on Nov. 18, 2010.]

    Judge Robert Brunetti – RB

    Ronald [“Rocky”] Richter – RR

    RR: Hello?

    RB: Rocky … Brunes.

    RR: What’s up?

    RB: Well you called.

    RB: What are you doing, brother?

    RB: Well I’m working … I just got through work, what the fuck?

    RR: You can’t, ah, wha ... you don’t work that late!

    RB: I, well, we had a shooting today over there in Bristol. Did you read the –

    RR: Where?

    RB: Don’t you watch the news for Christs sake? Hey listen –

    RR: Where?

    RB: … you, you called me this morning. What’s up?

    RR: What’s going on? What’s going on with that Badaracco?

    RB: I don’t know. It’s a grand jury. It’s secret. I can’t get involved in that. You know that. I told him that.

    RR: He called, did he call you yesterday?

    RB: He called me yesterday. Did he call me from your cell phone?

    RR: Yeah.

    RB: What are you crazy, giving him the phone?

    RR: Yeah, no, no more.

    RB: Yah.

    RB: … did you give him the number?

    RR: What did he say?

    RB: Well he offered me money! Can’t fucking do that.

    RR: No, no don’t … don’t take it.

    RB: Well I’m not, hah …

    RR: He, he wanted me to do that last week. He wanted me to do it. He said, ‘I gotta give Brunes something.’ So, I uh, I told him I wouldn’t call you. I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t even, ahh … you know what?

    RB: Who’s his lawyer?

    RR: Meehan? Meehan up in Bridgeport?

    RB: Oh, Meehan? Okay. Dick Meehan? Okay.

    RR: Yeah.

    RB: Well, he’s got a good lawyer. But, you know, he’s fuckin’ calling me and he’s offering me fuckin’ money. What’s he want, what’s he expect me to do?

    RR: Nuthin’. I told him I wouldn’t call you. I told you, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t call you. He wanted me to call you say, hey, I gotta call ya for somethin’. I know that, what’s up? Hey, hey, they might have him on tape.

    RB: Well, I don’t know …

    RR: They, they might …

    RB: Well, I don’t know. You know it’s –

    RR: They might have my cell phone tapped, they, you never know.

    RB: You know, it’s, I –

    RR: I don’t know. I don’t give a shit. I don’t know, I don’t know nothing about it, and I don’t care.

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