Monday, September 23, 2013

Hurdles and more hurdles for public access to historic clemency hearing

If Foreshaw was white, ‘She would have never even come close to spending the rest of her life in jail’

Courant Op-Ed Quotes
Sen. Blumenthal, Forensic Social Worker Evan Stark
On Justice for Bonnie Foreshaw

  • Clemency Hard-Earned By Niantic Inmate

  • Cool Justice Editor's Note: Advisory on how to get in to hearing was promised by Sept. 18; nothing issued as of Sept. 27

    Don’t expect the red-carpet treatment if you assert your right to attend the Bonnie Foreshaw clemency hearing Oct. 9 at the York Correctional Institution.

    The state Correction Department has dragged its feet issuing guidelines for attendance while throwing up roadblocks for media coverage that violate the Freedom of Information Act ...

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